Executive Operations Training

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Do you know how to protect yourself in the event of an attack at your home or office?

Are your home and office hard or soft targets?

If an attacker grabbed you or your loved one, what is your fastest and most effective response?

If you were caught in a surprise attack at close range, are you confident that you can protect yourself and disable your attacker?

In the event of a natural disaster, how do you help yourself or those in need?

Reading books and watching YouTube videos is not enough.

There are some other great training opportunities available when you know how to find them. All too often, other instructors real life experience has been limited to cardboard targets. Very few instructors have engaged in real life firefights and actually used their weapons in combat much less on a daily basis.

Hands-on personalized training from Special Operators — the most elite warriors in the world — experienced in real world military engagements, will give you the skills necessary to protect you and your family in the event of a terrorist or criminal attack, a natural disaster, or other real life emergencies.

Rather than the questions asked here on the website that some may answer “yes” to and conclude they don’t need to spend the $, we state the following…

At the end of my time with the veteran combat operators of Executive Operations Group:

I will know how to practice situational and tactical awareness;

I will know how to avoid unnecessary risks in my daily life;

I will be prepared to react quickly, intentionally and successfully in the event a threat to me or my family arises;

I will know how to safely handle and accurately shoot a pistol;

I will know effective measures to avoid attack as well as to persuade a would-be attacker to move on because the risk I present is greater than he is willing to undertake;

I will know how to respond and prevail in the most common hand to hand combat situations;

I will know how to prepare for various contingencies that could threaten the health and safety of me and my loved ones;

I will know how to administer trauma care for specific situations common in gun fights, explosions, knife wounds and other terrorist incidents;

I will know how to educate my loved ones on the foregoing concerns and better prepare them for the world of increasing danger we now live in;

I will know how to implement simple and effective reaction, survival, rendezvous, and communication plans with my loved ones;

I will live the rest of my days with greater confidence knowing I have taken wise and reasonable steps to protect myself and my loved ones from harm;

I will know things I need to change, things I need to implement, things I need to practice, and things I will make routine. I will have knowledge and practice based confidence in each of them.

All types of insurance cover the monetary costs of losses AFTER they have occurred. Too many losses cannot be remedied by money. The Special Operators of Executive Operations Group are about loss deterrence and prevention; we teach you how to keep safe what cannot be replaced or made whole with money.

We are living in dangerous times. So much has changed in the past 10 years in our world and right here in our cities and towns. Terrorism and threats on our own soil are now almost daily news. Do you feel safe? Does your family feel safe? Do your children know what to do in the event of an kidnapping attempt? Can you provide security and safety for you and your loved ones in the event of a malicious attack or a natural disaster?

Spend 4 1/2 days at our private training facility near Cleveland, Tennessee with the finest team of instructors ever assembled for Executive Training.

Our passion is providing elite training so you and your loved ones can live a safer life and a life with confidence instead of fear.

Each session involves extensive hands-on 1:1 training. Only this level of personalized training can get you the skills you need and start you towards a better and safer life.

A LIMIT OF 15 PEOPLE ensures you get high quality and personal training.

Our instructors are world-class, combat-hardened ex-SF, Delta, SEAL, and CIA veterans. They include martial artists and MMA coaches and champions. These are not your ordinary NRA-Certified Instructors or your average self-trained survival guys. These are the best in the world combat-experienced guys who have real world life and death experience. They have fought for our country and their passion continues to make our world a better and safer place. And that means getting you the training you need.

Each trainer has an estimated $1 Million+ worth of training invested in them.

Each trainer has real world experience and is a combat veteran. We’ll tell you more about our other Elite Experts in a moment. You won’t find a better team to teach you and help you get practical knowledge and experience you can use to live a better and safer life.

And you will have fun doing it.

We won’t be throwing you in the water at 0500. You don’t need to be a performance athlete. This is not bootcamp training.

You will experience an attack.

You will experience multiple real life scenarios.

And you will have hands-on experience learning how to respond.

Come with a desire to learn and the passion to make your life and the lives of those around you better and safer.

Get ready for the most important and focused 4 1/2 day training program available for personal and professional safety and survival.
Your life and the lives of those you love may depend on it.

Our Elite Team

Omar Hamada

Omar Hamada

US Special Forces Flight Surgeon and Diving Medical Officer / CEO

Vanderbilt MBA; Associate Professor at UT and Vanderbilt University; Lieutenant Colonel, US Army Special Operations Command; Fortune 100’s HCA and Pfizer; Small Business/ Entrepreneurial ventures CEO, CMO, President, and Principal

Korby Holcomb

US Special Forces (Green Beret) / Director of Operations

23-year Military Veteran; Special Forces Operator and Medic; Contractor, Executive Protection for high net worth individuals; Integrated with multiple “triple letter” Federal agencies and private service

Randy Kelley

Randy Kelley

Seal Team Five Sniper / Survival, Hand-to-hand and Weapons Expert

Seal Team Five Sniper; 6th-degree black belt; Thunderbird MBA / Entrepreneur / Small Business CEO; modern combat; survival, surveillance, counter-surveillance and intelligence collection expert

John Deverteuil

John Deverteuil

Delta Force Sergeant Major

J3 Director of Operations over US Special Operations Command Africa; Tactical and Security Operations Expert

Daryl Conrad

Daryl Conrad

US Special Forces (Green Beret) / Tactical Pistol Training

Over 30 years experience including Army Special Forces; marksmanship and Close Quarters Battle (CQB) training for government projects including US Department of State (ATA) and Federal Air Marshal Service; Special Operations Training Detachment (SOTD) for 20th Special Forces Group; NCOIC for Combat Marksmanship and CQB; Trainer for Sniper and Breaching programs; the finest Pistol Trainer of Pistol Trainers.

Omar Hamada

Michael Register

US Special Forces (Green Beret) / Chief of Police Atlanta Cobb County

Special Forces, ran JEIDDO/Wexford IED section; now Chief Cobb County Police with 800 officers and Atlanta Airport in his jurisdiction. Previously served as SWAT Captain. Mike is the best hand-to-hand (H2H) combat person we know.

Mike Chesne

Delta Force

Mike headed up the medical section of Delta Force for 9 years. Injured in a firefight in Ramadi, he fell off the roof and broke his back and femur and took a couple of hits and still held off the enemy for several hours before evac.

Omar Hamada

Jeff Presley

Mixed Martial Arts Expert

Jeff is a mixed martial arts expert and wrestler. A collegiate wrestler for University of Tennessee; Jeff is also an Entrepreneur / Small Business CEO. His passion is connecting people’s hearts with their purpose.

Omar Hamada

Marc Burnham

Martial Arts and Materials Expert

Marc is a highly skilled martial artist. He also is a master of materials, making custom edged weapons and improvised weapons. Expert in knife fighting defense skills and techniques.

Omar Hamada

Kerry Evans

Special Forces (Green Beret) Team Leader and Medic

Special Forces (Green Beret) Team Leader and Medic; Critical care expert.

Mitch Cone

Mitch Cone

General Counsel and Business Strategist

University of Arkansas JD and LL.M. from University of Florida; Entrepreneur / Small Business CEO. Helping you understand rights and issues around the use of force. You need to know important processes in any event. Even if you are in the right, you could lose your ability to carry and be at legal risk if you don’t follow the right procedures.


Day 0

We start at 1530.

“Day 0” gets you started with a Special Operations Overview. You will then learn how the training will be applied to your daily life. Equipment is issued and a safety briefing is conducted. Then the Gladiator Scorecard review is conducted and introductions are completed for instructors and students. Before we leave Day 0, we start training with semi-automatic pistols and self-defense shooting including a hands-on exercise.


Day 1

Day 1 starts with Dynamics and Principles of Unarmed/Armed Confrontations, Situational Awareness, Hard-Target Presentation, Threat Avoidance/Deterrence and Range Sessions. We wrap with our Combatives Session, teaching you how to escape danger.


Day 2

How do you protect yourself when you are not armed with traditional weaponry? How can you make your home a Hard Target? What is the best way to survive on our streets? What is the best way to be prepared for natural disasters? We’ll help you answer all of these questions with hands-on range and combative sessions in Day 2.


Day 3

Traumatic Injury Management, Self-Defense Tactics, and intermediate and advanced drills warm up Day 3. Then you get into simulations. Experience real-life live-action scenarios and training. You will never forget Day 3.


Day 4

Day 4 includes more person-to-person training and sets you up for long-term success. Additionally, you learn how to train your family members. Day 4 would not be complete without more live scenario training and a surprise experience to help you cement the learning of the past four days.

Day 4 wraps up at 1330